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The ridiculous world of Facebook

What started off as a fad close to half a decade ago is now at its prime – not just as a great tool for social networking but also for a constant source of entertainment where we have overgrown idiots as well as the teenage wannabes. Before I venture into this tirade, let me clear a stand – I am a user of Facebook and I also enjoy doing so. I am in touch with many of my friends using this and if a certain Zuckerberg is becoming a billionaire thanks to this creation, it is well deserved.

I started with FB a bit late as I was hung up on Orkut (what’s that u ask?). Call me old school but I still think meeting friends in person or speaking with them over a phone cannot be replaced by writing on someone’s wall or inboxing them. I don’t have a problem with FB per se but the way people behave online makes me wanna Face Book them (cliché)

Let me list down a few pointers to being bearable on FB:

  1.  The world does not revolve around you: Surprising as it may sound to an empty-headed vacuum-brained FB addict, it is true nonetheless. Your every comment, every post, every photo uploaded does not deserve a like. And if someone does not like it, don’t be a sissy and cry about it.
  2. You need not update your FB status for every action of yours: update 1 – I woke up. 2 – Brushed my teeth. 3 – got an auto. 4 – chai is good. Etc.. These are the updates that deserve some serious lambasting. Just because FB keeps asks you “what’s on your mind?” doesn’t mean you keep telling it all the time. Exercise some restrain.
  3. Checking in is acceptable but only to an extent: You own a smart phone doesn’t mean you are a smart one. Checkin will have a good impact if it is used sparsely and seriously mate do you think “XYZ checked in to Mumbra Railway station “ has a good ring to it? “ABC has checked into ABC’s home building” well of course you are there. Don’t you go there every evening? Were you kicked out earlier? Listen people, check in to a place where you don’t normally go and which is at least good if not fancy. Next thing I see would be “ABC has checked into Sulabh sauchalaya at CST”
  4. Photo posting commandments:
  • Thou shalt not pout. Ever. Period.
  • Thou shalt not pose with your DSLR camera and claim to be a photographer. (Dude, let your work speak out that you are a photographer. Such pics don’t convince anyone).
  • if you think you cant stand criticism on your photo, either delete those comments or delete the pic.

Now how difficult can this be? There used to be a thing before being cool; being sensible (don’t “being human” me)


2 comments on “The ridiculous world of Facebook

  1. Yams
    May 12, 2013

    😀 Loved the write up Joy boy!! Super agree with your heartfelt opinions.

  2. kruti
    May 19, 2013

    So true and as usual loved it….. yes for sure meeting and talking cannot be replaced at all by msging on wall……

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