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How time flies

Preparing for our college fest as well as participating in the various fests across the city were amongst the best thing to happen during college. Sports days, science exhibitions and various activities and workshops occupied these months and spurned some amazing memories. The competitive spirits were high and being good hosts as well as participants we created some good friendships with people from different colleges as well.

Reminiscing on those times when we were students, I remember the long walks with friends after college and sitting near the parks killing time but enjoying their company, suddenly sitting upright when a college professor passes by and trying to act innocent but failing miserably to do so. College canteen at that time used to serve good Chinese food as well as some awesome samosas but the best food was always had outside the college – just across the road at the sandwich stall. Half the pocket money used to be spent in photocopying the notes for exams and rest of it on food, mobile recharges and an occasional movie.

Times have changed. The pocket money is replaced with salary, sandwich stall is replaced with some fancy restaurants , pre-paid mobile connections have moved to post-paid services and in spite of all that, a smile is evoked mainly when we look back at the good times of college.

Being students of the science stream, the chances to bunk college were restricted to a bare minimum but when the opportunities did present, it was taken with utmost zest and made full use of. Our college does not have a big campus so in case we bunked some class, it was not possible to loiter around college so we had to make our way all the way either to Five Gardens or CST. Any ways it used to be a big adrenalin rush to bunk in small groups of friends. Just sitting and talking, munching on some snack, pulling someone’s leg or pairing them with someone else in the class, all these things seem kiddish now, but at that point of time, it was a key bonding factor.

During our under graduation days, although the pocket monies had increased slightly, the avenues for spending had increased even more. In the non-academic front, managing money was an important lesson I learnt. As the month end approached, funds were at an all-time low and this led to the tact of smart spending and prioritizing. Within the class itself there were various smaller groups of friends and the equations were different for inter and intra groups. Getting along with people was another important lesson. Not everyone may like a certain activity or may not be keen on a certain movie but managing everyone so that the tiffs in the group can be resolved was of importance. Many of these small lessons that we unknowingly learn in the college days help shape us into something that we are today.

I consider myself lucky to have many amazing friends during my college times and I am glad to say that in spite of passing out of college close to 7 years ago most of my friends are still in touch and we all meet up as often as our schedules would permit. During my TYBSc Microbiology, the class consisted of 20 students and we used to spend a huge chunk of our day within the classrooms or laboratory. It became a family not bonded by blood but by friendship. The friendship extended not only to the students but to the teachers and the laboratory help staff as well. Sharing tiffins, caring for friends when they had some issues, laughing at silly incidents and jokes and clicking loads of photographs to seal the memories were amazing times. We were lucky to be around the time that camera phones were gaining ground and thankfully we managed to make use of that technology.

After we moved out of college people got busy in trying to achieve their dreams and while some went on to pursue jobs, others ventured on to further studies. Distance separated us but technology kept us united. It was the time of Orkut when we were college, which was replaced by Facebook a few years later and now Whatsapp is the favored mode of being in touch. Technology will only assist you for being in touch but without the resolve these gadgets won’t be of much use. I am glad to say that despite the fact that people moved to different locations and also varied fields like clinical, pharma, aviation, banking, marketing, FMCG etc., the determination to be in touch was strong enough to overcome these obstacles and continue to be in touch.

Few of our friends got married, some even have kids now, and each of these occasions we are all glad to be together. Not everyone can make it all the time but as and when people are in town we try and meet up. We also make it a point to go back to our institution when we can manage and meet our professors and current students. We are glad to guide the students based on our experiences and I am glad that our professors allowed us that opportunity to interact with the current students so as to keep them abreast of the current happenings in the industry.

I guess when u had an amazing time with friends; each place holds some memory for you. We left college a long time ago, but we continue to go back and relive those days one more time. The road leading to the college, the classrooms, the corridors, canteen, the sandwich stall across the road etc. each one is still packed with the current students, but I only see myself and my friends when I visit my Alma mater.

It’s not an exaggeration when people say that the best times of my life were the college days. Cliché as it may sound, but I agree with that school of thought and echo the fact that the most memorable times and the best of friends were made during the 5 years of college.


2 comments on “How time flies

  1. Bhagu
    January 5, 2014

    Very well written joy.
    Made me miss my college days 🙂

    • Sukruta
      January 5, 2014

      Its soooo nostalgic. . those were “THE BEST DAYS” !!

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