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A vote for change

It’s always been about a Hand here, a Lotus there,

But this year a Broom almost made an entry out of nowhere.

When u hope for future, do remember the past,

It’s not just a vote but for our country’s progress that we cast.


Election season in the largest democracy of the world is indeed a sight to behold. Hundreds of billions of rupees spent and countless hours and pages of news reporting & interviews. All this for the sake of a common man? Naah. All for power – for getting the authority to decide the future of the third biggest economy (PPP) in the world.

Never was the youth in the country so engrossed in the news when the election results were being declared. A certain “wave ” has been in the news since the latter half of 2013 and its extent had reached massive proportions… it washed away the current leaders. It decimated the current party in power. So ruthless was the outcome that they didn’t even have enough seats to claim the title of leader of Opposition. Even before the election frenzy had caught on, there were many who had placed their hopes on the “chaiwallah” from Gujarat. With the current Government embroiled in a host of scams, the country needed a change. A drastic one at that. The fight was not between two individuals or even two parties, it was more of a battle for change. A new anti-corruption party would have played a spoil sport, but one thing was certain, the current government would not continue.

On one hand we had a government who had failed on every front to help the common man – price rise, bad infrastructure etc. They were party to scams in every aspect of governance from military equipment to food, from water supplies to land deals, from mining to allotment of telecommunication airwaves. The Prime Minister used to be one of the respected leaders in the world who was credited with the revival of the Indian economy during the mid-1990. However he couldn’t be of much help as he ended up being a puppet controlled by someone else.

On the other hand we had someone who had almost single-handedly converted the face of a state where he has been ruling for over a decade. Better employment rates, good infrastructure, continuous water and power supplies were just some of the many highlights of his tenure as the chief minister of a state. He had his share of negative publicity as well – the Godhra riots, US denying him a visa, snoop-gate controversy etc.

The biggest democratic exercise in the world took place and a whopping 550 million votes were cast in an election that was carried out in 9 phases. As always some battles gained more fervor as each phase of elections began, some were fighting for change, some for pride, some were just happy to be contesting and some were forced to contest against stronger opponents. There were pre poll alliances and some were waiting to strike a better bargain after the elections. The results were out. Sensex soared. After 30 years a single party has managed to gain the required number of seats to form a government on their own. The coalition, for a change, will be to form the prime opposition party.

India has voted for change and change we deserve. We expect miracles but we need to understand that considering the mess our country is in currently, it will be a daunting task for the new PM.

Have faith.

Good luck.


2 comments on “A vote for change

  1. Priyanka
    May 18, 2014

    Very well written.Lets hope for the best.

    • joysown
      May 19, 2014

      thanks Pranko… umeed pe duniya kayam hai 🙂

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