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Chota Bheem – Indian comeback in the world of cartoons

My nephews are growing up fast and their naughtiness is reaching new heights with each passing day. At the age of 3 and 1/2 years, the only things that keep them from creating a ruckus in the house are scolding by their mother and Chota Bheem cartoons. Whenever they come home (their grandparents home), they are pampered a lot and they only way to make them sit in a place is by switching on the TV to PoGo channel and allow them to watch Chota Bheem. Being their mama, I accompany them while watching this cartoon and I will say, I have seen more episodes of this animation than I would like to admit.  😛

Chota Bheem

The more I watched, the more I began to put rational thinking into it and have come up with the some interesting findings:

  1. Every adult in Dholakpur is utterly useless and they rely on this bunch of kids to save them from any harm that befalls the city.
  2. None of the kids in Dholakpur go to school but all they do is roaming around in the town doing nothing at all.
  3. Dholakpur has a king who does nothing but get into trouble all the time and expects Chota Bheem and friends to bail him out each time. (King reminds me of a certain Prime Minister)
  4. Considering the number of laddoos he pops in, no wonder he is on such a sugar rush all the time.
  5. Dholakpur is located close to a forest, beach, volcano, mountains, desert, and also has storms, snow, rains etc. all seasons, all terrains in one place.
  6. Whatever the season, whatever the place, their attires (whatever little they wear) never change.
  7. Most number of scientific inventions happens in Prof. Dhumketu’s laboratory.
  8. Witches, bandits, magicians, enemy spies, aliens, devils all of them find Dholakpur very alluring.

Despite all this I must confess that I like this program. The characters are fearless and have morals and stuff which you rarely find in the real world. Green Gold, creator of this series, has done a good job of producing an Indian alternative to the Japanese cartoons that are aired on some channels. It does teach the kids about friendship, values and other character building matter that also entertains and keeps them occupied. It came in at the perfect time as the good cartoons that we grew up on are not even aired these days and Cartoon Network has been reduced to a pathetic state. I hope this gains more popularity and reaches magnitudes like the comics of Amar Chitra Katha and Chacha Chowdhary.

My nephews first birthday had a Pooh & Friends theme party and by the looks of it, I think their fifth birthday will have a theme of Chota Bheem & Friends.


One comment on “Chota Bheem – Indian comeback in the world of cartoons

  1. Sosha
    May 31, 2014

    Are you sure the King is popping laddoos all the time, and that it’s indeed a sugar rush and not something else? 😉

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