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Miniature Stories – A dark day

After 11 months of being unemployed, it was a day of hope for Vinay. An interview lined up in the morning and a friend’s bachelors party in the evening. A daily bath had become optional and the razor had not touched that face since a long time. Today would be a change in routine – shave, bathe, suit up, smell good, shiny shoes and smiley face.

Instead of all that, he ended up leaving home half an hour late after dropping some of his chocolate smoothie down the front of his only ironed white shirt. Taxis were far and few and after getting into an argument with the arrogant middle aged man who lived across the road over who hailed the cab, Vinay shared the ride with him.

Not a word was said between them till they were stuck in traffic adding to the already miserable start to the day. Turns out that they have been neighbors for the past 3 years and not once have they spoken. They got down at the same office building and parted ways. By the time he reached for the interview Vinay was an hour late and they refused to go ahead with his interview. He had to get this job but despite all the pleading with them, they didn’t budge. Almost on the verge of tears and with a heavy heart he left the building and walked to a park close by.

As he munched on a vada pav he started thinking about the times when he was employed. In pursuit of making money he had missed out on appreciating the small things in life. Be it sitting in this very park and enjoying the sights and sounds of life bustling around or driving with some good music. During school, he was an average student but was extremely good at many other things like sports and used to read a lot of books too. He left all of that for his job. He got so engrossed in making money that he forgot to live life. He had the money back then not the time and now he had the time but no money.

As he was reminiscing those times, a tear rolled down his cheeks. He remembered that fateful day when he met with the accident that cost him not only his job but a lot more. His fiancé left him and while he was recovering from the multiple fractures, they diminished his bank balance. It dawned on him that money didn’t make him happy anymore. It was a necessity but money could not buy him that lost time.

Vinay was now a wiser man and he knew the value of things and not just the cost. What we take for granted may not be appreciated till we lose it. He grabbed his walking stick and placed his black glasses back on his face. Being visually impaired, darkness was his constant companion.


4 comments on “Miniature Stories – A dark day

  1. Pranko
    July 29, 2014

    Superlike:-)looking forward to read next story

    • joysown
      July 30, 2014

      thanks Pranko… next one coming soon 🙂

  2. Vaishali
    August 1, 2014

    Awesome Sanjoy…. liked it…

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