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Miniature Stories – Signature

It was the most significant signature in his life. He had just signed the marriage register and got married to the woman of his life. A couple of months ago he didn’t even know her and now they were inseparable. Neither of them had believed in the matrimonial business and they had chanced upon each other when they were waiting for their “prospective spouse” at the cafe. Their dates were bad and these two bumped into each other again when they were waiting to get an auto in the rains. A smile followed by small talk and an exchange of numbers. They decided to meet up again.

A few more meetings and they knew that this was it. Increased phone bills and late night video chats made sure that they were always close to each other. Then came the time to get their parents approval. It wasn’t as tough as they thought it to be. She was pretty and down to earth and he was a well settled boy from a good family. The match was okay-ed and they spent the next couple of months planning for the big day. From finalizing the hall to deciding on the invite list, from choosing the attire for the occasion to trying the various caterers for food… things were hectic.

A grand Indian wedding it was to be had it not been for that phone call 3 weeks before the wedding. An issue at the project site required his presence and he left in a hurry driving in the torrential rain. His ride was rudely interrupted by a speeding car cutting signals. After a couple of car flips, the vehicle landed upside down. He was conscious, but barely so. Thick blood oozed out of his ear and he couldn’t move his limbs. Some good Samaritans got him to a hospital. His parents were informed and so was the police. A couple of broken bones, mild internal bleeding and a ruptured ear were the diagnosis.

The doctor was amongst the best in the city and he got more than his due share of attention and care. Friends and families visited him in the coming days but he couldn’t hear them speak. The bones and ear would take some more time to recover. He wanted to keep the wedding date that they had set but they would have to cut short on many of the celebrations.

Only a couple of days before the wedding did the doctor agree to discharge him from the hospital. The only condition was that he had to listen to the doctor’s advice and undergo rehabilitation under strict supervision. He agreed. After all he was marrying the doctor. She signed his hospital discharge form and in a couple of days they signed on the marriage register.


3 comments on “Miniature Stories – Signature

  1. Sosha
    August 3, 2014

    !! So romantic! I love this one!

    • Vaishali
      August 7, 2014


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