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Twitterable stories – II

continuation to the earlier set of twitterable stories…

  1. Both were bald. One by genes. One by cancer
  2. He always wanted to use the life vest under the seat. When the day came, he just couldn’t.
  3. He loved her more than she deserved. She hated him for that.
    From the plane, he saw blue sky and the sea. One meant travel, the other death.
  4. She switched on the light. It made no difference.
  5. He loved to travel. Even his coffin came home in a flight.
  6. The bullet ripped through the silent air and found its mark. Applause. Olympic gold.
  7. They spoke a lot. Their lips didn’t move. Eyes.
  8. The lights turned red. He accelerated. The road turned red.
  9. While driving to his wedding, he saw a sign post “bumps ahead”. Oh the irony!

2 comments on “Twitterable stories – II

  1. Pranko
    January 24, 2016

    Loved all of them:)
    Favourites:1,3,4,5,7 and 9.
    Looking forward to read more short stories here 😀

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